APRIL 16 - MAY 16

BAR·ME·CID·AL: providing only the illusion of abundance; illusory or imaginary and therefore disappointing.

Artists and curators JILLIAN KAY ROSS and MIKE GOLDBY celebrate their extended network of peers and contemporaries in BARMECIDAL PROJECTS' inaugural group exhibition FREE 4 ALL. FREE 4 ALL features work by ALEX MCLEOD, AMALIA ULMAN, ARIELLE GAVIN, BRAD TINMOUTH, BRIAN KHEK, DANIELLE BESSADA, DAVID HANES, EMILY JONES, GEORGIA DICKIE, IAIN BALL, JENNIFER CHAN, JILLIAN KAY ROSS, JON RAFMAN, JUSTIN BOCHEK, JÓNÓ MÍ LÓ, JARROD WILSON, KAITLIN TILL- LANDRY, LAUREN BRICK, LAUREN ELDER, LEE ORMEROD, LIAM WYLIE, LILI HUSTON- HERTERICH, MIKE GOLDBY, ORLANDO ORELLANO, RACHAEL MILTON, SHELBI CHEW, and TARA DOWNS, unifying artists working both immaterially and physically. The high-gloss, hyper-real finish of the rendered exhibition obscures the boundaries between Real and Representation. So shiny, so irresistible by virtue of its digitallness, FREE 4 ALL supersedes certainty.

Danielle Bessada - Untitled, 2011.

Jónó Mí Ló - Shaken, 2011.

Tara Downs - Untitled (Golden Blue), 2010. Kaitlin Till-Landry - DVD Player, 2011. (Left to right)

Mike Goldby - Glass Blocks and Disc, 2011.

Jennifer Chan - Burning Feminist DVD, 2011. Link To Video

Justin Bochek - Untitled, 2011. Lauren Elder - Rubbermaid, 2011. (Left to right)

Liam Wylie - Untitled, 2011.

Shelbi Chew - Untitled, 2011. Jillian Kay Ross - Catmull (Cat Scratch), 2011. Liam Wylie - Untitled, 2011. (Left to Right)

Shelbi Chew - Untitled, 2011.

Brian Khek - ISO, 2011.

Orlando Orellano - Explorer, 2011. Orlando Orellano - Finder, 2011. Mike Goldby - Fluorescent Light Structure, 2011.(Clockwise)

Emily Jones - Dense Settlements from BIOME(S), 2011.

Iain Ball - Beyonce With Elongated Skull, 2010/11. Mike Goldby - Nothing, 2010. (Left to right)

Amalia Ulman - Untitled, 2011.

Jillian Kay Ross - Hearth, 2011. Arielle Gavin - Untitled, 2010. (Left to right)

David Hanes - Untitled (Reverse Erosion), 2010. Link To Video Brad Tinmouth - Just Because It Happened To You Doesn't Make It Good Art, 2011. (Pictured inside bookshelf)

Jónó Mí Ló - Type Something, 2011.

Lauren Brick - Untitled, 2011.

Jarrod Wilson - Baker's Dozen, 2011.

Lili Huston-Herterich - After Caro (His Admirers and My Contemporaries), 2011. Rachael Milton - Maldoror, 2011. (Left to right)

Georgia Dickie - Fusilli (Turbo Blue), 2011.

Lili Huston-Herterich - After Caro (His Admirers and My Contemporaries), 2011.

Pro Click - A Fine Specimen of the Pro Click Singularity As Me IRL, 2011.

Lee Ormerod - Bulldog Clip #7, 2011.

Alex McLeod - Haunted Memories, 2011.

Jon Rafman - BNPJ Urinals (BANNED), 2011.
Jillian Kay Ross - Anselm Keifer, 2011.